Monthly Archives: noviembre 2018

Riquelme R., Tapia M., Campos E., Mpodozis C., Carretier S., González R., Muñoz S., Fernandez-Mort A., Sanchez, C., Marquardt C. (2018) Supergene and exotic Cu mineralization occurs during periods of landscape stability in the Centinela Mining District, Atacama Desert. Basin Research 30, Issue3, p. 395-425. DOI:10.1111/bre.12258 (4,147)

Espinoza, M.; Montecinos, D.; Oliveros, V.; Astudillo, N.; Vasquez, P.; Reyes, R.; Celis, C.; González, R.; Contreras, J. F.; Creixell, C.; Martinez, A. (2018). The synrift phase of the early Domeyko Basin (Triassic, northern Chile): Sedimentary, volcanic and tectonic interplay in the evolution of an ancient subduction-related rift basin. Basin Research. (4,147) DOI: 10.1111/bre.12305

Rech, J., Currie, B.S., Jordan, T.E., Riquelme, R., Lehmann, S. B., Kirk-Lawlor, N.E., Li, S., and Gooley., J., 2019, Massive Middle Miocene gypsic paleosols in the Atacama Desert and the formation of the Central Andean rainshadow: Earth and Planetary Sciences Letters, v. 506, p. 184-194.